Yazid Ichemrahen

Ycone Paris

Life path

” Since I was young, I have been initiated into cake making. My philosophy of taste aligns with my life philosophy. It can be defined in one word: “Simplicity.”

Originally from the town of Epernay, I grew up in a foster family, in contact with their two sons who were passionate about pastry. On Wednesday afternoons after school, if I had been good, my reward was to make a yogurt cake. I truly began to exist by receiving recognition in pastry.

I saw pleasure in others’ eyes, which pushed me to always demand the best from myself. My mistakes and challenges served as a driving force in life to move forward and surpass myself.

Without many family attachments, I traveled in order to work with the best, which brought me rigor and professionalism. My education was strengthened through my work, as well as with the chefs I had the chance to meet. I remember one of my first employers who I admired for his titles: “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” and “World Champion”.

He once told me, “Responsibilities are not given, they are taken.” I have never forgotten this sentence; it has become my motto. I evolved very quickly thanks to this mindset and by carefully choosing my professional circle.


Located in a wonderful setting in Courchevel, Yazid Ichemrahen has chosen Le Lys Martagon
to offer the very best of his creations.
This union between the expertise of a world champion and the atmosphere of Lys Martagon
has given birth to a collection of exclusive desserts, available only at this exceptional hotel.
Each dessert is a sweet work of art, combining surprising flavors and refined aesthetics.
The finest ingredients are carefully selected to offer you a unique and unforgettable taste experience.”

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